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Searching for a Gentle Pediatric Dentist in Canton, GA? Here’s What to Look For.

As a parent, you know the importance of ensuring your child stays healthy. You probably have already found a pediatrician who takes care of your child’s general health needs, but did you also know that there are pediatric dentists who specialize in children’s dental health requirements?

Children should begin visiting the dentist by their first birthday, but even adults can find the dentist intimidating. Finding the right pediatric dentist can make a big difference for your child, providing a welcome and fun environment that helps ensure a healthy smile for years to come.

Here are a few things to look for when searching for a pediatric dentist…

Experience with Children


Good pediatric dentists will have had extensive experience working with children. This experience is vital to knowing how to make children feel comfortable in the dental chair. Here at Dental Town, our office treated over 25,000 adult and pediatric dental patients in one year, including the placement of over 400 sets of braces.

Both children and parents will find it comforting to be under the care of an experienced pediatric dental professional who understands kids and can give them the unique care they deserve.

Additional Training

Did you know that certified pediatric dentists actually require two to three additional years of training after dental school? According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), this additional training is vital to understand the issues young children face, their psychology and unique needs, and the best ways to treat them. When searching for a gentle pediatric dentist, check to make sure they have the appropriate level of training.

They Treat You Like Family

Treating you like we would treat our family is central to our core values at Dental Town. Our goal is to give you and your child a wonderful experience. That means we start by listening to our patients and inform them of options. We know that one size does not always fit all, especially when it comes to treatment.

We take a conservative approach, only giving your children the right treatment for their needs, and never unnecessary, higher priced services. We take every opportunity to make our patients feel welcome, ensuring we have a relationship built on trust. From the moment you walk in the door, we seek to provide such a great experience that you and your children will want to become patients for life.

Smaller, Child-Friendly Equipment

Although standard-sized dental equipment can work, it’s always nice when a pediatric dentist can provide smaller equipment, specifically designed for your child’s mouth. It’s less intimidating and more comfortable for the child, easing their transition into dental care.

Engaging Environment


Kids love to explore, and we’ve designed Dental Town with that in mind. In fact, we call it Dental Town because the entire office is set up like a small town! Children will find plenty to enjoy, including live animals, a doll house, video games, and televisions over every chair.

One thing is for sure; you’ve never seen an office quite like ours.

Many of our pediatric patients actually look forward to visiting again and again. Imagine how much easier life will be when your kids actually want to come to their scheduled dental appointment!

Focus on Preventative Care

Prevention is a much easier approach to dental care, especially with children. Dentists can recognize issues as they develop, providing treatment before the issues cause pain or lead to more expensive orthodontic care. At Dental Town, we offer dental sealants, tooth decay prevention, space maintainers, and fluoride treatments as preventative measures for your child.

You will also want to ensure your dentist has experience giving counsel and encouraging children to develop healthy habits at a young age (like brushing twice a day and flossing once per day). The earlier they start doing things the right way, the easier it will be to prevent or detect tooth decay.

Make Sure They Start with a Consultation


Before any dental work is completed, we recommend you schedule a consultation with us or a pediatric dentist near you. You want to ensure your child is comfortable around their new dentist, and of course, that you are also comfortable with the dentist!

You’ll quickly be able to recognize if it’s a welcoming environment and if the dental staff understands how to care for children.

Experts recommend that your child has his or her first visit to the dentist around their first birthday. It may seem early, but once your child has teeth, we need to make sure those teeth stay healthy and strong. The good news is that, at Dental Town, we offer free first visit consultations to all children under the age of two.

If you live near Canton, GA then contact us today to schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist. We will make every effort to ensure your child has a wonderful first impression of the dentist, giving them the attention and care they deserve.

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