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White Spots on Teeth After Removing Orthodontic Braces


Are you getting your orthodontic braces off in a few weeks and you’re worried about the white spots that often form on the teeth? Has your orthodontic talked to you about white spots, and you’re in the process of doing your own research to learn more?

Dental Town is here to help you. Our dentists created this webpage to present some basic information regarding white spots.

What are White Spots on Teeth?

White spots often appear after orthodontic braces are removed. White spots form in the areas where plaque sticks to the teeth.

Tips to Treat and Prevent White Spots

Treatment for white spots should be provided by your dentist or orthodontist soon after getting braces removed. White spots sometimes stay the same or they can get better over time. It is also possible that more white spots will appear down the road, too.

Currently there are two treatments to remove white spots: restore or remineralize. Fluoride was once used to treat white spots, however, it now known that fluoride can turn white spots into brown, tan-colored spots.

Our trained doctors will determine which is the best form of treatment for your particular case. Other treatment methods for getting rid of white spots: porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and microabrasion.

Furthermore, our doctors will also talk to you about ways to prevent white spots from forming. Some prevention tips include:

  • using prescription-strength fluoride
  • using an electric toothbrush to remove plaque as much as possible
  • keep your 6-month routine teeth cleaning appointments with your dentist
  • drink water instead of sodas, sports drinks, or juices to limit your intake of acids that can damage teeth
  • use a fluoride rinse at home, if your dentist approves
  • brush your teeth after eating and drinking
  • floss your teeth at least one or two times per day
  • avoid snacking as much as possible; if you snack throughout the day, brush your teeth as much as possible

What to Do Now?

If you have white spots on any of your teeth after having orthodontic braces, and nothing you do seems to get rid of them, call us. We can schedule a consultation appointment to thoroughly perform an evaluation of your teeth.